Opening  Doors of Opportunity

GFWC - Beloit Junior Woman's Club

GFWC-Beloit Junior Woman's Club was formed April 6, 1947, under the direction of the Beloit Federation of Women. The objectives were the pursuit of adult education, general philanthropic and community service.  The club was formed for women Age 18 to 36.  Years later the By-Laws were changed nationally to allow member to remain in the club past age 36.  The club motto "unity in diversity" truly applies as we are diverse-yet united in our goal to help community.

Pictures from BJWC Archives

1947The club aided needy school children in in Beloit through the Family Service Association.  Members helped supply a diagnostic treatment room, and purchased air conditioning and beds for the pediatric ward.  

1950s were devoted to volunteer work at the Bloodmobile, donating to the YWCA building fund, and helping with children's programs at the hospital. Projects also included support for cerebral palsy victims, special needs children, and the mentally challenged.

1960s The club began an annual Benefit Dinner Dance at the Wagon Wheel Resort in Rockton, Illinois.  Funds raised helped purchase over $21,000 of hospital equipment and sponsored a nursing scholarship.  

1965 Operation Timothy, an orientation to educate children about having surgery began. The Operation Timothy book written for the children was copyrighted by the club.  The club also donated to the Beloit Civic Symphony, United Givers, Volunteer Tutoring Service, Goldie Floberg Center, Beloit Public Library, Beloit Organization for Family Planning, Beloit Police Cadets, Hot Line, Red Cross, Rock County Association for Retarded Citizens, Group Home first Light, New Concepts Home, Big Brothers-Big sisters, Beloit Civic Theater and Parents Anonymous.  They pledged $20,000 over a five-years Period to the new Beloit Memorial Hospital Building fund.  Many other state and national organizations were also the recipients of the clubs' efforts to help such organizations as CARE, The National Kidney Foundation, Head Start and UNICEF. 

1981 Our core fundraiser is Wonderfest, an art and craft expo. It began as an art & crafts sale from members' homes with the craft items being created by the membership. In 1988 it was decided to focus on the show as an event and was moved to Blackhawk Technical College, to be held on the second Saturday of November. Today, Wonderfest has grown into THE holiday arts and craft show in the Stateline area through the dedication and hard work of the Beloit Juniors membership.

2014 It was decided a new logo was needed to help  market our club  and be easily recognized on social media and internet.  We wanted a logo that was unique and represented our club yet showed our shared history with GFWC. In winter of 2013, BJWC initiated talks with GFWC to get a new logo approved.  The club submitted several designs, all adhering to GFWC rules and regulations.  After a few months of phone calls, emails, and small changes, GFWC finally approved our new logo!